Cobham Rugby & Sports Association - History

The new Cobham Rugby & Sports Association Ltd was incorporated as a company, limited by members guarantee, on October 3rd 2006. At an EGM held on November 27th 2006 the members of CR&SA Ltd agreed to take over all the activities of the "Old Association" and also accepted the transfer of all the assets, liabilities and beneficial ownership of the freehold land.

But the Old Surbitonians Memorial Ground reflects its origins. It was bought in 1949 for the princely sum of four and a half thousand pounds for the ten acre plot as a memorial to members of Surbiton Grammar School who fought and died during the Second World War.

As time has moved on, Surbiton Grammar School became Esher Sixth Form College and the in 1989 the Old Surbitonians Club became Cobham Rugby & Sports Association, opening it's doors to all comers (not just former Surbitonians) and thereby creating an organisation that manages the memorial grounds, on behalf of the members, to ensure that sport is played within the Cobham community, for young or old.

The link with Surbiton Grammar School was further established when The Braemar Club was created, named after a building at Surbiton County Grammar School through which all new pupils passed to begin their school lives.

Having spent as much money as they could raise at the time on the purchase of the land, the first permanent structure on the site was a series of former military section huts erected in April 1949. They served their purpose until 1968 when a new clubhouse, funded and built almost entirely from club members' voluntary efforts was erected.

The new structure, completed in 2008, has again proved it's worth acting as a hub for many sporting matches where the club members have been able to provide ample hospitality to all visiting teams and other bodies hiring the facilities for business or social use.